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MCA, IT, Computer Engineering E-Books Page 6

Digital Music

2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide
- iLounge , 2008
100 Best iPhone and iPod touch apps and games, top accessories, Best of the Year and Readers’ Choice Awards, iProvocateur and iPod As Art Winners, Complete History of iPod and iPhone Products, Buying and Selling iPods and iPhones, etc.

Physical Audio Signal Processing
by Julius O. Smith III - , 2007
This book was developed for a course entitled "Signal Processing Methods in Musical Acoustics". The text was created primarily as a research preparation and dissemination vehicle intended for graduate students in computer music and engineering.

The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4
by Jeremy Horwitz - iLounge , 2008
Free eBook on iPod and iPhone by iLounge. Over 20 world exclusive Sneak Peeks. Complete tutorials to all things iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and Apple TV. Beautiful photographs and images submitted by iLounge readers depict the Apple’s iPhone family.

The Free iPod Book 3.0
by Jeremy Horwitz , 2007
The All Things iPod Guide: 15 sections of the version 3.0 iPod tutorial and accessories guide, tips on customizing, buying, selling, and repairing iPods, accessory recommendations, and ways to create great iPod video, music, and gaming content.

The Music Internet Untangled
by Andy Breeding - Giant Path Publishing , 2004
A primer on the different types of online music services and how to use them for music discovery. Though somewhat dated, the fundamentals haven't changed. The chapters on the types of services and music information on the net have remained relevant.

Graphic Design

Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suite
by Xtine Burrough, Michael Mandiberg - Peachpit Press , 2008
The book is organized by visual topics, and provides essential introductory instruction in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash, offering numerous ways for new users to engage with what can seem an overwhelming set of tools.

GIMP User Manual
by GIMP DocumentationTeam - , 2009
GIMP is a multi-platform photo manipulation tool. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc.

Grokking the GIMP
by Carey Bunks - Sams , 2000
This book is not about tips and tricks, and it's not a collection of image manipulation problems. It is about understanding image manipulation concepts, about knowing which GIMP tools are most effective, and about the savvy use of these tools.

Shape Interrogation for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
by Nicholas M. Patrikalakis, Takashi Maekawa - Springer , 2009
Shape interrogation is the process of extraction of information from a geometric model. It is a fundamental component of CAD/CAM systems. The authors focus on shape interrogation of geometric models bounded by free-form surfaces.

Taking Your Talent to the Web
by Jeffrey Zeldman - New Riders Publishing , 2001
The book's purpose is to guide traditional art directors and print designers as they expand their careers to include the new field of professional Web Design. This is an explicit and detailed guide, an intelligent "how-to" book for professionals.


Data Conversion Handbook
by Engineering Staff Analog Devices Inc. - Newnes , 2005
This handbook is an engineering reference that covers fundamentals of data converters, techniques and applications the basic theoretical elements, the latest advances in the field, high accuracy and high-speed ADCs, sample-and-hold amplifiers.

Data Storage
by Florin Balasa - , 2010
Many different forms of storage has been invented. So far, no practical universal storage medium exists, and all forms of storage have some drawbacks. A computer system usually contains several kinds of storage, each with an individual purpose.

Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/OS Basics
by Mike Ebbers, Wayne O'Brien, Bill Ogden - Vervante , 2007
This textbook covers the basic facilities of a mainframe computer for students of information systems technology as well as experienced professionals who want to learn about benefits of the mainframe environment. The exercises are a part of the text.

Serial Programming
by Robert Horning, at al. - Wikibooks , 2005
This book explains different aspects of serial data communication. The focus will be around the implementation of RS-232 based serial data communication and will explore a wide range of implementations and uses for serial data transfer.

The VHDL Cookbook, First Edition
by Peter J. Ashenden - Ashenden Designs , 1990
VHDL is a language for describing digital electronic systems. This booklet gives readers a quick introduction to VHDL by informally describing the facilities provided by the language, and using examples to illustrate them.

USB Multi-Role Device Design By Example
by John Hyde - Cypress Semiconductor , 2003
This text should be considered a supplement to John Hyde's book "USB Design By Example", in the same way that the OTG Supplement complements the USB 2.

Home Computing

Basic Computing Using Windows
- Wikibooks , 2006
Introduces the reader to a Windows PC environment, it explains basics of computers and peripherals, operating systems and controls, desktop, file systems, concepts and settings, networks and the Internet, email, chat-rooms, and IM.

Quick Start to Windows XP
by Jean-Paul Van Belle , 2003
This book introduces Windows XP: what does Windows do, how to use the mouse and keyboard, the desktop and its elements, starting and closing applications, controling the document appearance, how information is stored and how to find it.

The Mac Manual
by Jackson Chung - , 2009
Written with the beginner Mac user in mind. It was intended to help recent Switchers learn more about the Mac operating system, to expose them to the best free applications, to extend their productivity and to assist them with day-to-day procedures.

The Secret Guide to Computers
by Russ Walter - Russell Walter Pub , 2003
The book explains everything important about computers -- simply, candidly, and as wisely as possible, with a cynical laugh. This book was rated "tops" by the major computer magazines, newspapers, library organizations, schools, and computer clubs.

Trapped in the Net
by Gene I. Rochlin - Princeton University Press , 1998
The book describes how the familiar productions of computerization are embedded in our lives, forcing us to narrow our modes of control, the scope of our choices, and our experiences with the real world. Choice's Outstanding Academic Book of 1997.

Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning
by Drew Davidson - , 2009
The book is full of in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game. The goal is to help develop a literacy of games as well as a sense of their value as an experience


Developing SharePoint Applications
- Microsoft Press , 2009
This book helps architects and developers design applications that are flexible and scalable. It shows developers how to provide IT professionals with the information they need to maintain those applications and diagnose problems when they arise.

Microsoft Application Architecture Guide
by Microsoft Patterns & Practices Team - Microsoft Press , 2009
The definitive guide on designing applications on the Microsoft application platform. Learn how to choose the most appropriate architecture and the best implementation technologies that the Microsoft application platform offers.

Microsoft Small Basic: An introduction to Programming
by Vijaye Raji - Microsoft , 2009
Small Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy, approachable and fun for beginners. Small Basic's intention is to bring down the barrier and serve as a stepping stone to the world of computer programming.

Programming Windows Phone 7
by Charles Petzold - Microsoft Press , 2010
This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community. The author shows you the basics of writing applications for Windows Phone 7 using the C# programming language with the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks.

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 7 in 21 Days
by Richard Waymire, Rick Sawtell - Sams , 1998
The book introduces you to every aspect of Microsoft's flagship back-end database engine. Organized with a FAQ-like summary at the end of every chapter, it familiarizes you with all the features and even brings you up to expert level on a few of them.

TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows
- Microsoft Corporation , 2008
This is an introduction to the basic concepts of TCP/IP protocol suite. The book explains how the most important protocols function, and their basic configuration in the Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, and Vista operating systems.

The Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide
- Microsoft Corporation , 2004
The Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide provides an overview of the types of malware and their risks, planning an effective antivirus strategy for your organization, and responding quickly and effectively to infections or incidents when they occur.

The SysAdmin Handbook
- Red Gate Books , 2010
Want to know how all about Exchange recovery storage groups? How to determine Exchange disk performance? And, of course, all about Exchange 2010? The SysAdmin handbook has the practical ins-and-outs to all these and many other hot IT topics.

Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions
by Mitch Tulloch - Microsoft Press , 2009
The book for IT professionals who want to learn more about the Microsoft virtualization technologies, including Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5, and more.

Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers
by Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft Press , 2004
The book covers changes to the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, simplification of data access, improvements to the IDE, changes which increase developer productivity in constructing user interfaces, addition of new classes to the framework, and more.

Real World XML Web Services: For VB and VB .NET Developers
by Yasser Shohoud - Addison-Wesley Professional , 2002
Intended for experienced developers with no experience with Web services. The book covers the architectural foundation on which Web services are built and the tools you use to build Web services including the SOAP toolkit and the .NET framework.

Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 Hours
by Greg Perry - Sams , 1999
This book teaches the novice Visual Basic programmer how to write simple applications that work. The authors don't get bogged down in documenting every last menu item and button in the VB6 environment, they explain how to write real programs.

Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
by Ed Robinson, Robert Ian Oliver, Michael Bond - Microsoft Press , 2002
This is a complete guide to upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6 applications to Visual Basic .NET, it covers upgrading from APIs to ZOrders. The book includes fixing upgrade issues with forms, language, data access and COM+ Services.

Using Visual Basic 6
by Hakan Kirik
Writing Your First Application; Starting Visual Basic; Building the Calendar Feature; Adding a Clock Feature; Configuring the Timer Control; Using the Label Control to Display the Time; Adding a Message; Improving Your First Application.

Visual Basic 2005: A Developer's Notebook
by Matthew MacDonald - O'Reilly Media, Inc. , 2005
This practical book offers nearly 50 hands-on projects. Each one explores a new feature of the language, with emphasis on changes that can increase productivity, simplify programming tasks, and help you add new functionality to your applications.

Visual Basic Essentials
- Techotopia , 2008
The book covers everything needed to get up to speed with Visual Basic. The text includes the installation of Visual Studio, variable types, flow control, string manipulation, database access, form designing, graphics, arrays, and much more.

Visual Basic.Net
by Vijay Mukhi, Deepak N. Ramchand, Sonal Mukhi - BPB Publications , 2008
The book for anyone who is interested in learning VB.NET. It covers Visual Basic.Net - an introduction, classes, WinForms, access modifiers, database handling, XML, exception handling, classes, interfaces and structures, parameters to procedures.

Linux in a Windows World
by Roderick Smith - O'Reilly Media, Inc. , 2005
An invaluable companion for any system administrator interested in integrating Linux into their Windows environment. This book takes an in-depth look at exactly how Linux can be brought into an organization that's currently based on Windows systems.

Mastering PowerShell
by Tobias Weltner - BBS Technologies , 2009
The PowerShell Console, Interactive PowerShell, Variables, Arrays and Hashtables, The PowerShell Pipeline, Using Objects, Conditions, Loops, Functions, Scripts, Finding and Avoiding Errors, Command Discovery and Scriptblocks, and much more.

Microsoft Windows Server System Deployment Guide for Midsize Businesses
- Microsoft Press , 2005
Get step-by-step deployment instructions for the Microsoft server products that are most relevant to your midsize business. These best practices come from the Windows Server System team and are based on extensive testing in real-world environments.

Quick Start to Windows XP
by Jean-Paul Van Belle , 2003
This book introduces Windows XP: what does Windows do, how to use the mouse and keyboard, the desktop and its elements, starting and closing applications, controling the document appearance, how information is stored and how to find it.

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional in 10 Minutes
by Jane Calabria, Dorothy Burke - Sams , 2000
The book is organized into a series of easy lessons, which guide you through the Windows 2000 desktop, networking, file management, accessing the Internet, working with multiple windows, using a network printer, sharing files and folders, etc.

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows XP in 24 Hours
by Greg Perry - Sams , 2001
Sams Teach Yourself Windows XP in 24 Hours is written to teach the new Windows XP user how to get the most out of a computer. It also covers some topics for the experienced Windows user who wants to learn the new features of Windows XP.

The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook
by Nitin Agarwal - The Windows Club , 2010
This eBook comprises of more than 200 keyboard shortcuts containing almost all the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows 7 and its default programs like Paint, WordPad, MS Office, Calculator, Help, Media Player, Media Center, etc.

The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide
by John H. Terpstra, Jelmer R. Vernooij - Prentice Hall , 2003
The definitive guide to using Samba-3 in production environments. It begins with the immense amount of HOWTO information published by the Samba Team. The material is organized and edited around the practical needs of working Windows administrators.

Windows 7 Product Guide
- Microsoft Corporation , 2009
The book provides a detailed look at the many new features in Windows 7. It is designed as a source of information that can help you to understand how Windows 7 Simplifies Everyday Tasks, Works the Way You Want, and Makes New Things Possible.

Windows 7: A Beginner's Guide
by Nithin Ramesh - The Windows Club , 2009
The eBook covers topics which would typically interest a novice wanting to start using Windows 7 or a beginner trying to get his hands wet on Windows 7 and includes installation and upgrade, management and networking, security and maintenance, etc.

Windows 7: Tips n Tricks
by Vasu Jain - , 2009
This book is for people who love Windows 7 and want to go a step further for the experience provided by this wonderful operating system. It contains more than 50 tips and tricks and an added bonus section for Windows 7 applications.

Windows PowerShell 1.0 Essentials
by Neil Smyth - Techotopia , 2009
This online ebook covers the basics of the Windows PowerShell, installing, creating and running PowerShell scripts, commands and aliases, variables, types, arrays, operators, functions, file handling, PowerShell and .NET, drawing graphics, security.

Windows Server 2008 Essentials
- Techotopia , 2008
Detailed, in depth and practical information on all aspects of installing, configuring and administering Windows Server 2008 systems. Topics covered include installation and upgrades, networking, terminal services, disk and partition management, etc.

Windows Server 2008 TCP/IP Protocols and Services
by Joseph Davies - Microsoft Press , 2008
Joseph Davies' book provides practical information on important TCP/IP protocols for Windows Server 2008, covers TCP/IP protocols layer by layer, and includes lots of examples of TCP/IP packets traces, illustrations, and tables.

Windows Vista Product Guide
- Microsoft Corporation , 2008
A comprehensive overview of the innovative features and functions that make Windows Vista the next-generation operating system and successor to Windows XP. This guide also provides information about the benefits Windows Vista offers diverse users.

First Look: Microsoft Office 2010
by Katherine Murray - Microsoft Press , 2010
You'll find smart tools in this release that enable you to get your work done easier, faster, and more professionally than ever. Being able to work anywhere, anytime means more flexibility, which translates to higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Learn Access Now
by Allen Wyatt , 2008
Access for beginners: getting started, creating database, sorting and filtering, queries, printing, simple reports, custom forms, Web features, data relationships, importing and exporting, data security, OLE, macros, dialog boxes and menus, and more.

Microsoft Application Architecture Guide
by Microsoft Patterns & Practices Team - Microsoft Press , 2009
The definitive guide on designing applications on the Microsoft application platform. Learn how to choose the most appropriate architecture and the best implementation technologies that the Microsoft application platform offers.

Microsoft Office Excel
by Torben Lage Frandsen - BookBoon , 2010
Contents: Introduction; A Small Reader's Guide; What is New in Excel 2007; First Look at Excel; Calculations; Copying cells; Formatting; Working with Tables; Charts; Working with Multiple Spreadsheets; Macros -- Automation; Advanced Excel.

Microsoft Office Powerpoint
by Torben Lage Frandsen - BookBoon , 2011
Contents: New Features in PowerPoint 2007; The Screen and its Elements; Basic Tasks in PowerPoint; Initial Tasks; Putting Content in the Presentation; Refining the Presentation; Playing the Slide Show; A Word about Presentation Skills.

Microsoft Office Reference Guide
by Tom Bunzel - Pearson Education , 2004
Tom Bunzel creates an imaginary business so that the basis for this Guide becomes a sort of theoretical case study. He builds the business using the Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage, Publisher, and Visio.

Microsoft Office Word
by Torben Lage Frandsen - BookBoon , 2010
If you have never worked with Word before, you will soon find yourself in the wilderness of possibilities the program offers. The book guides you through that wilderness, so you can learn the things that are necessary to use the program effectively.

Quick Start to Excel 2002
by Jean-Paul Van Belle , 2003
You will learn the basic parts of a spreadsheet, enter labels, values, formulas and functions into a spreadsheet, construct simple formulas, copy cells, use cell references, change the values of cells, use the formatting commands, and more.

Quick Start to Word 2002
by Jean-Paul Van Belle - Global Text Project , 2003
An overview of the basic knowledge required to work productively with Word: understanding the basic concepts of word processing and the screen layout, creating, loading, saving and printing, editting and formatting text, incorporating tables, etc.

Quick Start to Word 97
by Jean-Paul Van Belle
These notes are an introduction to the basics of Word to give you confidence to type simple documents, essays or projects. The text covers basic concepts, creating documents, editing, deleting, correcting texts, formatting, etc.

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours
by Greg Perry - Sams , 2003
For readers who are new to Office 11 and want to get up and running quickly. This book includes shortcuts and ways to accomplish the most common tasks in Office. Readers can work at their own pace through the easily digestible, one-hour lessons.

Using Excel 2002
by Jean-Paul Van Belle , 2005
More advanced concepts of Excel: use the data entry tools, apply advanced cell formatting, use the built-in functions, absolute, relative and mixed cell references, assign and use range names, understand date and time arithmetic, and more.

.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers
by Kevin McNeish - Hentzenwerke Publishing , 2002
An overview of the .NET Framework and the C# and Visual Basic .NET languages. The author provides plenty of "how to", "step-by-step" and "best practices" information that will help you climb the .NET learning curve and get up and running quickly.

.NET Performance Testing and Optimization: The Complete Guide
by Paul Glavich, Chris Farrell - Red gate books , 2010
In the complete guide to .NET Performance Testing and Optimization, Paul Glavich and Chris Farrell offer a comprehensive handbook to anybody looking to set up a .NET testing environment and get the best results out of it.

Application Architecture for .NET: Designing Applications and Services
- Microsoft Press , 2002
This book provides architecture-level and design-level guidance for application architects and developers that need to build distributed solutions with Microsoft .NET Framework. This guide assumes you are familiar with .NET component development.

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