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  1.  Журнал медико-биологических исследований Journal of Medical and Biological Research
  2. Revista Portuguesa de Medicina Geral e Familiar 
  3.  npj Viruses 
  4.  Texas Heart Institute Journal 
  5.  Ibom Medical Journal 
  6.  Jurnal Keperawatan dan Fisioterapi JKF
  7.  Asklepion Asklepion: Informação em Saúde
  8.  Sağlık ve Hemşirelik Yönetimi Dergisi Journal of Health and Nursing Management
  9.  Annals of Oncology Research and Therapy 
  10. Bengal Physician Journal 
  11. Tungs’ Medical Journal 
  12. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 
  13. Frontiers in Disaster and Emergency Medicine 
  14. Archives of Advances in Biosciences AAB
  15. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 
  16. healthbook TIMES Das Schweizer Ärztejournal Journal Des Médecins Suisses 
  17. The Journal of Medical Sciences 
  18. Basic and Clinical Neuroscience BCN
  19. Pharmaceutical Science Advances 
  20. Journal of Mood and Anxiety Disorders 
    • Published by Elsevier in United States
  21. Mechanobiology in Medicine 
    • Published by Elsevier in Netherlands
  22. The Journal of ExtraCorporeal Technology 
  23. Journal of Indian College of Cardiology 
  24. ​​​One Health Bulletin 
  25. Journal of Shalamar Medical & Dental College 
  26. Journal of Medical Education Research 
  27. Imaging Neuroscience 
  28. Mexican Journal of Medical Research ICSA 
  29. Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat 
  30. Annals, Academy of Medicine, Singapore 
  31. Annals of Punjab Medical College APMC
  32. Cogent Mental Health 
  33. Cakradonya Dental Journal CDJ
  34. WFUMB Ultrasound Open 
  35. Health Care Transitions 
  36. Research in Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging 
  37. Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Digital Health 
  38. Health Science Monitor 
  39. Journal of Joint Surgery and Research 
  40. Aspects of Molecular Medicine 
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